Strategies To Accelerate


During Uncertain Times

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How to Achieve Business Growth
Under Tough Economic Conditions

To sustain and grow your business, under uncertain economic conditions, you need unwavering commitment and absolute resilience. And, more than that you need the guidance of a trusted advisor or mentor, just to make sure that all your energies are focused towards the right direction. With 100+ years of collective experience that includes Scaling-up small and medium businesses, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurial Development, People, and Process Transformation, that’s the value we have been adding to the business of our numerous clients over the past 12 years.

Under the BusinessGrowthAlliance™ (BGA) program, we assist Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed to identify and resolve their most pressing business challenges. Join the complimentary workshop to interact and learn from one of the highly regarded transformation coaches, Rajesh Tedla, Filson Thomas and team of business consultants. The session will be most beneficial for small business owners, who are looking out for a fresh perspective to grow their business.

In the workshop you will :

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