Rajesh Tedla


Rajesh Tedla

CEO & Chief Transformation Officer

Described as “personable, insightful, effective, motivational and results-oriented” by his clients, Rajesh (Raj) Tedla offers wisdom, experience, and proven processes to move executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals to heightened awareness and effectiveness. Raj respectfully provokes and partners with his clients to help each define and develop authentic, strengths-based success. Since 1990, he has coached and trained more than 11,700 senior leaders and executives from GE, Diageo Group of Companies, DELL, IBM, Microsoft, AI Engineers, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America, Accenture, Deloitte, United Health, Pepsi, Avon, KPMG, Laticrete, iTi, ITC, Ash Brokerage, MedPro, Princeton Insurance, Jersey City Medical Center and manymore. Raj is an international leader who has traveled extensively to train executivesand managers in 38 countries.

CEO and Chief Transformation Officer of VRT Management Group, LLC, Raj’s expertise include leadership and organizational development, executive coaching, marketing, six sigma, Lean, and customer insights. He has researched, written, trained, and consulted extensively within these disciplines, as well as designed several high-impact programs, including:

EGOS: Entrepreneur Growth Operating System™ - A unique program designed to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses who successfully transform their people and businesses for profitable growth.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Coaching: A critical coaching program to transform CEO/Business owner and his/her C Suite executive leaders reach their full growth potential with tangible results and measurable effectiveness.

Executive Excellence Coaching: a critical coaching program to transform C Suite, executive leaders, and managers reach their fullpotential one leader at a time.

Corporate Growth Alliance: a “next-generation” corporate leadership development program.

Business Growth Alliance: a transformation process to help entrepreneurs achieve break through results.

Integrated Problem Solving: an innovative problem-solving method to help companies deliver faster, more successful businessresults.

LSS 4.0™: a dynamic methodology to help companies harness the power of emotional intelligence and analytical tools to solve complex business problems.

Leadership Development for Human Resources (LDHR): an innovative program to develop future strategic HR leaders

Raj’s passion and focus are on transforming small and medium businesses and their executives who want to take their business and their lives to the next level and has been actively working with business leaders and clients across 28 countries. His current focus areas are:

Business Growth Aliance™
- BGA™

An exclusive program to help start-ups and micro-businesses with less than four employees.

Corporate Growth Aliance™
- CGA™

An exclusive program to help small businesses with 34 employees or less.

Entrepreneurial Growth Operating System™ - EGOS™

An exclusive program to help small and medium businesses with employees between 35 and 500.

Raj brings over 32 years of outstanding experience and expertise to everything he does. Before founding VRT Management Group, LLC, he was senior vice president, marketing/growth leader, Capital Markets, GE Capital. In his twelve-plus years with GE, he created, led, and implemented numerous initiatives that improved processes worldwide and enabled new revenue measuring in the millions.


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