Madhukar Tedla Bio

About Madhukar Tedla.


Described as a results-oriented professional by his clients, Madhukar Tedla offers a proven process to move solopreneurs and individuals to heightened awareness and effectiveness. As the Co-CEO and key consultant of BGA, Madhukar leads strategic planning, operations, and BGA program execution. He co-leads the workshops, mentoring, and coaching sessions to ensure that BGA participants maximize the program’s value creation to grow personally and professionally.

In addition to BGA, he offers Leadership Coaching, EGOS: Entrepreneur Growth Operating System™, Corporate Growth Alliance, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to help individuals and organizations define and develop authentic, strengths-based success. He has coached and trained many leaders and executives from various companies for the past eight years.

  • Train and facilitate strategy, budget planning sessions, and mentor solopreneurs to execute effectively.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and ensure buy-in
  • Acts as a catalyst for the client’s growth
  • Transforming processes through operational excellence and lean six sigma methodologies
  • As a trusted Advisor, Transforming solopreneurs and their businesses to survive and scale profitably
  • Mentored and coached Next-level leaders across different Businesses in the areas of leadership, growth, and execution
  • Facilitated, trained, and implemented 1-year and 5-year strategy planning and execution methodology for several BGA participants to accelerate their growth strategies
  • Implemented new business development processes that increased new business by 40% within six months.