Gwen Athaide Bio

About Gwen Athaide.


Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to work with several solopreneurs and independent consultants from various fields, especially from the field of Pageantry. I had the opportunity to work across several different countries, and 2020 has made it a much more visible and effective model to assist many more solopreneurs. My passion has always been to change the mindset, build confidence, and then design a roadmap to help my clients reach their goals. 

As the Co-CEO and principal consultant of Business Growth Alliance (BGA™), I assist with strategic planning, operations, and BGA program execution. I bring in unique expertise in behavioral and motivators sciences to ensure outstanding value to all BGA participants. I lead a few workshops and mentoring sessions and coached participants to maximize the program’s value to all participants. I create and ensure each participant has a custom-designed roadmap to help them grow personally and professionally. In addition to BGA, I offer Leadership and Executive Coaching and Team Coaching.

My expertise in psychometric assessments coupled with debriefing experience adds additional value to my clients in the areas of DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Sales Skills, and Driving forces to help individuals and organizations define and develop authentic, strengths-based success.

  • Train and facilitate strategy, execution of business plans, and mentor solopreneurs to execute for profitable growth
  • Deliver dynamic communication workshops to enhance communication among teams and deliver high productivity
  • Acts as a catalyst for the client’s growth
  • As a trusted Advisor, Transforming solopreneurs and their businesses to survive and scale profitably
  • Facilitated, trained, and implemented 1-year and 5-year strategy planning and execution methodology for several BGA participants to accelerate their growth strategies
  • Implemented new business development processes that increased the growth of Solopreneurs
  • Mentored and coached Next-level leaders across different Businesses in the areas of leadership, growth, and execution
  • Experienced coach, trainer, and consultant who has worked across different countries, including the USA