Filson Thomas


Filson Thomas.

Transformation Coach

‘We are people of value adding value to others resulting in growth and transformation.’

It was this awareness that propelled Filson to start his journey as a Leadership coach and Personal Growth Trainer, after about 20-year long stint in the corporate world. With an intense passion for organizational development, he helps leaders make a difference by inspiring and empowering them to live more purposefully, lead more effectively and influence more deliberately.

As a Transformation Coach, he also helps organizations impact the world by inspiring them to create true mission, develop dynamic leadership, and nurture intentional growth. An ever-passionate proponent of Transformational leadership, Filson has garnered the reputation as a “Change Agent” for many agencies and corporations in America, with struggling governance.

A Master in Computer Science and a Certified Project Management Professional with PMI, Filson started his corporate journey as an IT Professional in India. After gaining international experiences through various projects and assignments in the Middle East and Europe, he landed in the land of opportunities, America, where he marked stellar accomplishments by leading many high caliber and high performance teams in top-flight corporates.

Filson functions as an Executive Director with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, world’s top leadership development company. He also has led and served on numerous non-profit boards in leadership positions.

With a Master of Divinity as well, Filson is a loving husband to his better half, Reney, and a proud father to their son Josiah. Filson never misses to utilize his passion for Coaching, Training & Speaking, even in his social life. Apart from business organizations, he designs programs for social groups, teams, churches etc., in the areas of leadership development, influence, communication, and strategic planning. He designs programs unique to their needs and the results they are looking to achieve.



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