Business Growth Alliance is a fast-track system to help Solopreneurs survive and scale

Our mission is to be a catalyst for a Solopreneur’s growth

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What you’ll discover on BGA Program

BGA™ is an 8-Session intense Zoom based Learning to understand various aspects of BGA business methodology through a step-by-step, hands-on workshop that you will immediately apply to your business. Each session consists of 2 hours, for a total of 16 hours hand-on learning and implementation.

You come with your product/service idea and passion for growing. We will be the catalyst to enable you to survive and scale your business profitably.
  • Successful entrepreneurs have certain behaviors, motivators, emotional quotient, and competencies. We will provide a psychometric assessment to understand your behaviors, motivators, emotional quotient, and competencies and help develop a roadmap if any gaps exist.
  • We help you gain absolute clarity around your customer segments, their needs and wants, product/service offerings, go to market strategies, brand promises, and value propositions.
  • You will gain clarity around your core values, purpose, and vision that accelerates you to growth and success despite challenges.
  • You will create a strategic plan to understand and execute your One-Year and Five-Year goals.
  • You will spend time analyzing strengths and weaknesses in your business strategy and focus on mitigants to weakness to enable growth.
  • You will develop your own “Growth As A Process” system to ensure that you have the right metrics, right accountabilities, and right execution strategies to ensure survival and scale.
  • Project Charter – You will also identify a quick initiative that can be executed in 100-days that reinforces your learning while obtaining a 3X return on your BGA investment.
  • You will be exposed to 15 common challenges Solopreneurs or Microbusiness Owners face in their business and how to mitigate them so that they do not affect your business growth

Live Mentorship Workshops: The uniqueness of our programs is that our responsibility does not end as soon as the training workshops end. You will have the opportunity to join weekly/bi-weekly mentoring sessions for 100-days to execute your 100-day project successfully. You will have the opportunity to join the weekly Zoom calls, ask your specific question, access your specific situation with our trained mentors. These sessions are such that you can interact with other Solopreneurs or Micro business Owners, share best practices and lessons learned to gain a significant advantage compared to you working by yourself. You will be participating in various panel discussions, Q&A sessions to enhance your knowledge and ability to implement the tools and techniques effectively.

The positive power of the mentoring programs is the differentiating factor for many of the solopreneur’s or micro business owner’s successes.


BGA 100 Day Growth Sprint

BGA support to execute a project to deliver 3x of investment spent on BGA program



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