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You have a great passion for business! You have taken a significant first step towards becoming a Visionary company.

Our experience with SMBs

You must have launched your business with passion, high hopes, and a strong belief in your product or service. With our experience in working with a lot of Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Professionals, we surely understand that things have not unfolded quite as you had expected.

50% of small businesses fail and close within one year

80% of small businesses fail and close within five years

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs business success rates will equate to the success of a plant surviving on a black-top road

The common denominator for all the businesses has been to fail a bit before you eventually succeed.

Are you ready to decide on your strategy?

We understand that there are more questions than answers as you navigate the harsh business world of surviving and scaling. One of the biggest complaints from business owners (our customers) over the past 12 years was about the challenges and confusion. But what if I told you that you have a great business and a program that can assist you in surviving and scaling?

This exact reason why Business Growth Alliance™ (BGA™) program exists is to reduce this confusion?

BGA™ is a structured program to provide you with 12 critical tools that can assist you in minimizing the confusion and enhance your decision-making process for scaling your business.

The most significant benefit for your business is a repeatable process called “Growth As A Process” (GAAP). Once the foundation of this process is laid into your business, you will be able to prioritize the activities and action steps you need to survive and scale your business successfully.

A road map for you to become the ideal Entrepreneurs or Solopreneurs

Solid foundational knowledge of what it takes to survive and scale your business

“Growth As A Process” methodology to guide you to success and growth

Tools to make the right decision like Automation Vs Traditional business approach

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surviving and scaling your business.

We promise to share valuable insights and best practices. We guarantee that you will walk away very satisfied with our insights.

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